How to organize the perfect casual date

Organizing a serious date for the first time takes quite a lot of effort. After all, you really like the person and would like to make that person happy while spending the rest of your life or a part of it with them. However when it comes to casual encounters and sex dates, things are very different and you people already know what you want from each other. Anonymous no strings attached sex is never bad but to prevent that date or encounter from going bad, we are here to guide you on how to make and organize the perfect casual date for a good memorable experience for you and your fling.

First of all, select your ‘date’ or partner for the encounter. For this, you need to be either a part of a casual sex community or have a profile on the leading dating apps like Tinder, Victoria Milan and C-Date. Even Adult Friend Finder shall do the trick. But never approach the lady or the man with a line ‘ Hey, sex tonight?’. (See also additional advice on these pages: C-date erfaringer and C-date erfarenheter) Be mannered and show you got some class. After all, who would want to spend discreet sex time with a person with no class. Ask about the partner, her personal life (not details) and tell him or her how attractive you think they are and then ask over to spend time with them. Even if you want to tell them what you want, tell them what ‘things’ you want to do to them. Now that’s hot, steamy and not offending at all.

It is easy to approach men for sex but with ladies, you need to be careful and make the right move to get the casual sex date fixed for sure. That’s where things like smartness and cockiness come in. Show the lady how discreet you are and you are very well into this already. Don’t push but don’t stop pursuing. Once you are done with fixing the date and selecting the place (yours, hers or any other), make sure you’re prepared to make her feel relaxed while keeping your nerves steady. Having wild sexual encounter is good but why not give the tiger rest before you can actually test the waters and make the girl really really want you in bed? Norwegian and Swedish ladies are almost never going to take the first initiative which is why you should be very polite, well mannered, classy and really good in the talks. Remember, don’t do flattery but don’t shy away from praising her on chat.

After getting that all done, you can organize a few other things like being creative and being dressed well. You should look your best for sure and you need to be creative. Watching a romantic movie and then making out or going to the bed is too old school. Try something new, play a game and then explore each other’s wild side or just talk about each other’s desire and let it flow. There is no such thing as perfect but as long as it is hot, anonymous, discreet, no strings attached and satisfying, who cares?

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Digital Love in North America and Norway

Online Dating is on the Rise

Back in 1995 when was launched, one of many online dating platforms, only 14% of adults were using the internet, and online dating was scares to nil, according to PEW Research. Times have changed and today almost 90% of North Americans are using the net, and the online dating world is alive and thriving.

Studies show in 2005 approximately 44% of Americans believed online dating was a good way to meet people, today it’s over 65%, and in Canada it’s higher.

For people that have used online dating in the 90s and are looking to jump back in today, a lot has changed. It’s evolved and transformed so drastically with the explosion of social networking, smartphones, and just the attitude shift in the overall acceptance of online dating.

It really is the dating of today – did I really just say that?

Here are a few things you may want to be aware of before you actually take the plunge back into online dating – 10 years is a really long time!

Online Dating is Better Accepted

I remember just a few years back being afraid to tell my parents how I met my boyfriend because I knew they weren’t quite sure what to make of online dating. Life is always evolving and so too does the world of online dating.

Ten years ago people weren’t sharing photos of their loved ones online, paying bills on the internet, and getting rid of their landlines because they have all the technology they need to stay connected.

In the last decade online dating has exploded for all the right reasons. Making it easier for people with busy lives to date; and opening up doors of diversity to meet people outside of your area without actually going there.

It really is phenomenal when you think about it.

Internet Access is Easy

Do you remember dial-up? OMG – now that was a time consuming pain in the arse. You’d sit there for 20 minutes while your computer was humming quite annoyingly, and you would usually lose the connection and have to restart at least a couple times.

Today, wireless is instantaneous and pops up in a flash. You don’t need to sit at home in front of your computer because you can connect on your laptop or cellphone no problem.

Anywhere – Anytime – That’s How the Internet Works Today!

Internet Skills Better

There are very few people today that don’t know how to surf the net. Even my 95 year-old grandmother was surfing the net; paying bills, looking for deals on knitting needles, and she even searched up lawn bowling clubs in the area so she could meet new people closer to her own age.

People evolve with technology. Some slower than others I know but everyone is progressing nonetheless; and that’s fantastic news for online dating today.

These are just a few ways the online dating world has evolved in the past 10 years.

Did you know that about 33 percent of all marriages today are a result on online dating? That’s incredible.

So what about online dating in the rest of the world; like Norway?

Online dating is alive and kicking in Norway; a little slower out of the starting gates than more relaxed countries in North America, but evolving fast and furiously. Even Casual Sex dating seems to b on the rise in Norway. All the major players popular in Canada seem to be available in Norway as well.

Society has accepted the fact online dating really is the premium dating tool of the day; and you can choose to accept this or fight it and create a stressful dating experience for yourself.

It’s safe to safe online dating is pretty much the norm today in any developed country and there’s only good in that!

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Mature Love: Canada vs. Norway

Cougars are on the Prowl

You might say cougar dating was pioneered in Canada (especially by Avid Life Media) , it’s been prime that long. And it took a while, however slowly but surely the European nations, in particular Norway, have joined the hunt for the wise and erotic cream of the mature dating crop.

So what defines a cougar?

Well the cougar I’m talking about isn’t a cat; not exactly anyway.

Cougar dating is older women, younger men, casual sex dating; and it’s hot right now and shows no signs of letting up. Guys – just maturethink Desperate Housewives – and of course Soap Operas are loaded with it for well-to-do guys and gals.

Cougars began years ago just referring to older women; say over 40. So unhappy woman in broken relationships or having just gone through a divorce, single moms with older children or widowed; that were often very wealthy and weren’t afraid to get plastic surgery to fight aging. These cougars typically like to shop, and spend their days getting pampered at the spa; in other words they’re very vain, good looking, and spoiled rotten women that have never worked a day in their lives.

You can spot these women a mile away and my guess is you personally know at least one.

·       Looks like they just walked out of the salon

·       Nails painted and wear expensive clothing a jewellery

·       Designer handbag and pooch in hand

·       Big fancy sunglasses

·       Sparkly high heels

·       The “look” to make sure everyone in staring at them

Over time the “cougar” has evolved somewhat and pushed the online dating world in a whole new direction.

Dating sites and apps for cougars are popping up all over the place, and not just in Canada, Norway is gaining ground too. This European country seems like it just pushed through the barrier of conventional courtship into the online dating world; now it’s shifted yet again into the electric online cougar dating world. has been reporting a 58% growth on a cougar dating platform such as c-date. For Norwegian speaking people here the quote and the article:

“Cougarfenomenet er når kvinner dater yngre menn. Denne trenden skal ha blitt svært populær på den største Europeiske datingtjenesten C-date. Totalt er økningen blant kvinnelige medlemmer i alderen 35-45 år på 58 prosent siden i fjor.”

And we’re not talking a few years younger; Madonna for instance often dates guys 30 years younger; Jennifer Lopez follows suit. Think about it…What’s a guy got to lose? A beautiful woman that’s rich beyond your wildest imagination that just wants to get nasty and feel young; sounds good to me!

How come cougar dating is so popular?

Many older men, younger men, and very young men find pleasure in dating cougars because they are more skilled in the bedroom. To get better at anything you need to practice; and boy do cougars have practice; and guys tend to think with their smaller head and love that.

Older women don’t have the insecurities of younger women; to skinny, too fat, too muscular, too tall, you get the idea. Cougars are confident in their body at that is freakin sexy. You don’t have to have the perfect figure, you’ve just got to feel good about it.

The mind is a powerful thing.

More and more guys don’t want to have to worry about the pressures of kids and committing; which makes a cougar the perfect casual sex, no strings attached relationship.

For older women, they’re looking for excitement in the bedroom. They want to feel young and appreciated, sexy and alive, spoiled and worshipped, accepted and admired for who they are not everything they aren’t.

No strings means cougars can confidently and without guilt try as many flavours as they like. The only rules are the ones you make and there’s no stress about becoming the wicked step-mom because your boy-toy is likely still in school and has zippo kids.

This all sounds pretty appealing and hence the massive explosion in online cougar dating sites.

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